Title: Detour
Author: rebecca
Pairing: Gibbs/DiNozzo
Rating: NC-17
Summary: You knew it was me.
Notes: Sequel to Shortcut. Lemons aren't supposed to have sequels, but we all know how good I am at leaving things alone. This one's for nancy, who nagged asked nicely and has written so much for me. nancy, hope you like it!

Gibbs tossed his coffee cup into the trash. "And stay away from those back alleys," he said casually. "Pretty boy."

He shouldn't have said it. He knew better. But it was worth it to see the look on Tony's face--that stunned, shocked look, his jaw almost hitting the floor. Gibbs hid his smile and turned away, silently counting.

One...two...thr--"That was you?" Tony managed, sounding rather like someone was strangling him. "That--"

"Shouldn't let yourself get caught like that, Tony," Gibbs said, still fighting a smile.

"I wasn't anticipating getting fucked in back of the fucking club!" Tony exploded. "And--what the fuck were you doing there, anyway? You knew it was me, you bastard, and--"

"Of course I knew it was you." Gibbs turned back to look at him. "You think I'd have been in that alley waiting for someone else?"

"I don't know, Gibbs, I never figured you as the mugger type to begin with."

He was angry. Good. Tony never did think all that clearly when he was angry. "I didn't, actually," Gibbs said mildly. "If you looked at your wallet, there was nothing missing."

"Not the point. Why the hell were you there?"

Gibbs gave him a Look. "Waiting for you," he said patiently. "I knew you were there."

"You were stalking me?" Tony demanded. He stood up, his chair skidding back and hitting the cubicle wall. "You--Christ, Gibbs, I didn't think even you were that much of a...a..."

"Bastard?" Gibbs offered.

Tony growled; Gibbs thought idly that he'd never heard Tony make a sound quite like that before. "Why?" he demanded. "Why, Gibbs?"

"Because I wanted to. And because you wanted me to." Gibbs stepped forward. "How many times did you pick someone up at that club, Tony? Or another one? How many back rooms were there? You knew it was me, didn't you? You knew--and if you didn't, you were willing to pretend."

"I didn't know," Tony retorted. "I didn't--" He shook his head. "Not for certain. I thought...maybe...but I didn't know."

"But you had a pretty good idea. You didn't fight me."

"You had a gun, I didn't."

"C'mon, Tony. You think I'm going to buy that excuse? You've gone up against armed perps before when you didn't have a gun. You could have fought me. You didn't even try." He hadn't said no. He hadn't tried to fight, or run. And all last night, that had been the one thing Gibbs had remembered. Tony had never said no. He'd never fought. And Gibbs knew him too well to think he wouldn't have if part of him, somewhere, hadn't wanted it.

He wondered what that said about Tony. Or about himself.

"Since when do you care about who I fuck?" Tony asked, jolting him out of the thought.

"Since when have you wanted it to be me?" Better not to answer that now. Later. Maybe. If Tony asked.

"I--I--" Tony stopped, shook his head. "How did you know?"

"I'm a detective," Gibbs reminded him. "I do this for a living."

"I thought you terrorized people for a living," Tony quipped. He dropped back into his seat, looking down at his hands.

"Nah. That's just a side benefit." Gibbs walked over to Tony's desk. "You knew it was me, didn't you?" he asked. He wasn't sure whether he wanted Tony to say yes for Tony's sake--or his own.

"I...I wasn't sure. I thought, maybe...but I wasn't sure." Tony didn't look up. "But in the end, it didn't matter, you know? Because you're right. I wanted it." He ran his hands through his hair; Gibbs saw the faint red lines from the cuffs and resisted the urge to take Tony's wrists in his hands. "Fuck me, but I did."

"Did that last night," Gibbs murmured. He was rewarded by the flush on Tony's face. "You want a second go-round?"

Tony looked up at him, startled. "I--what?"

"How long have you been finding substitutes, Tony?" Gibbs asked quietly.

"How long have you been looking for me?" Tony countered, looking a little nervous but determined.

Good point. The anger was fading, which meant he'd have to be careful. Tony knew him too well, and if he didn't guard his body language and his answers, Tony would get more clues than Gibbs wanted him to have--at least for now."Long enough to know where to find you, not long enough that you found me first." Gibbs slid his hands into his pockets, studying Tony carefully.

"That's not an answer."

"You didn't give me one either."

Tony's mouth quirked in a wry grin. "Yeah, well." He sighed and stretched, looking up at the ceiling. "So you found out my dirty little secret. Congrats, Boss. You've officially discovered I'm..." Tony shook his head. "Whatever. So what? What does that prove? Did you just want to know? Did you just want to prove you could have me if you wanted? Congratulations. You did. So what now?"

Gibbs leaned forward, resting his hands on Tony's desk. He didn't miss the way Tony swallowed or the color in his face. "You're mine now," Gibbs murmured. "That's what it proved. You belong to me, now."

Tony's breath caught in his throat. "Boss--Gibbs--" He swallowed again, hard. "We can't do this."

"We've already done it."

"Once. In the dark. When I didn't know, when--" Tony shook his head. "We can't do this, Gibbs. We...we can't."

His voice was more than a little shaky and when Gibbs looked down at Tony's hands, they were trembling faintly. Good. He wanted Tony off-balance.

No one ever said he played fair.

"We can't," Tony whispered, but it sounded more like a plea than a statement.

"What's wrong, Tony? Afraid you'll finally get everything you want?" Gibbs stepped back.

Tony looked up at him. "Yes," he said.

Smart of him. Pointless, but smart. "It's too late, Tony," Gibbs said quietly. "You had your chance."

"You didn't give me one!"

He hadn't. And he'd intended it that way. Tony was too good at illusion, at deception, at saying one thing and meaning something else. He'd have slipped right through Gibbs' grasp if he'd had the chance--even if he'd wanted to be caught. If Gibbs had given him the option, he'd have run. "You're right," Gibbs said quietly. "But would you have taken it? Or would you have run from what you wanted?"

"That's not the point." Tony stood up, coming around his desk to stand toe-to-toe with Gibbs. "You backed me into a corner, and now you expect me to just--"

Any minute now, they were going to end up in a conversation the security cameras were going to love. Gibbs took the expedient route and grabbed Tony's wrist, dragging him into the elevator. "Unless you want to have this out in full view of the security tapes, I'd suggest we talk in here," he said, hitting the stop button.

"Whatever. Fine." Tony glared at him. "You set me up. You didn't give me a chance, and now..."

"How long had you been out looking for me, for someone who'd give you what you wanted? How long have you been wanting this? You didn't want a choice. You didn't want to get out of it." Gibbs tightened his hold on Tony's wrist, right over the cuff marks. "Did you."

It wasn't a question.

Tony looked down at his wrist, at Gibbs' hand wrapped around it. "Why?" he whispered. "Why do this, Gibbs?" He sounded defeated, which wasn't what Gibbs wanted.

Time for the truth, then. "Because if I had to watch you go into one more back room...you couldn't keep doing that, Tony. Sooner or later you wouldn't have been able to handle it. And I..." Gibbs sighed, his thumb stroking over Tony's pulse. He'd gentled his hold, although he hadn't let go. "I couldn't keep letting you do that."

"You were looking for me, too," Tony said quietly.

"Yeah." Gibbs didn't bother to deny it. "Yeah, I was."

Tony sighed. "Why not tell me who you were?"

"Because you'd have said no." Gibbs smiled. "And I wasn't about to let you get away."

He still hadn't let go of Tony's wrist, and Tony didn't seem inclined to pull away. "I don't--Gibbs, we can't--" Tony sounded like he was fighting himself, trying desperately to come up with a reason for something to keep him from having what he wanted.

"It's too late, Tony," Gibbs said again, quietly. "For both of us. It's too late."

Slowly, he pulled Tony closer. One stumbling step, then another, and Tony was almost pressed against him. "Tell me you don't want this, and I'll let you go. Tell me, honestly, that you don't need this, and we can pretend last night never happened. But you'd better look me in the eye when you say it."

Tony licked his lips nervously. "I don't--" He stopped, took a deep breath. "I don't want--"

But he couldn't raise his head.

"Yeah," Gibbs said. "That's what I thought." What he'd hoped.

Tony shuddered all over, closing his eyes. "Fuck," he whispered.

Gibbs slid his hand up Tony's arm and into Tony's hair, pulling him down for a deep kiss. Tony moaned deep in his throat, yielding to him, his body leaning closer. Gibbs was inwardly pleased to see the dazed look on Tony's face when they parted. "Listen to me, Tony," he said quietly. "We have to go to work. We can't finish this here."

"Right. Um." Tony raked his hands through his hair. "Christ." He exhaled deeply, looking up at the ceiling.

"Come home with me tonight," Gibbs said. He lifted a hand and skimmed his fingers down Tony's cheek. "We've got some things to discuss."

"Never thought I'd hear you say that, Boss," Tony said with a weak grin.

"This isn't exactly normal for me either," Gibbs pointed out. None of this had been. He hadn't intended to go by the club, hadn't really thought about it at all. But he'd been there, and he'd seen Tony, in that T-shirt and jeans, with the smudged eyeliner, smelling of sweat and cheap beer. And he'd known that Tony had been in one of the back rooms or the flimsy bathroom stalls with some anonymous guy, groping and kissing and rubbing against each other until they came. Or he'd let himself get fucked by someone he didn't know, just to pretend for a little while that he wasn't alone.

Gibbs wasn't going to let him do that anymore. If Tony wanted to get fucked, if he wanted this...it would be in his bed. No one else's. He wasn't going to let Tony throw himself at random guys--or girls--anymore. Tony belonged to him, now, and the only person who was going to see him naked and helpless with pleasure was Gibbs.

"Yeah." Tony sighed. "Yeah. So. Work?" There was a plea in his voice for Gibbs to say no.

But he couldn't. "Yeah," Gibbs said ruefully. "Work."

He couldn't remember the last time the workday had gone by so slowly. Kate came in around eleven with a decidedly grumpy look on her face and a numb jaw. McGee called in at noon, saying his car had broken down and he wasn't going to make it back into the office. Normally, Gibbs would have ripped him a new one for that but he didn't feel like it just then. So he cut off McGee's babbling apology and flipped his phone shut.

Tony didn't seem to be having much more luck in the concentration department. Gibbs saw him re-read the same file three times before giving up on it. And if Kate hadn't been sunk in her own misery from the dentist's visit, she'd have noticed the awkward atmosphere. Gibbs never thought he'd have to be grateful to a dentist before today.

He wasted a little time in Abby's lab, letting her babble about new programs and technology she wanted. She'd put up a few new pictures and it was amusing to figure out what they were. But he couldn't stay down there forever.

Around two o'clock, he gave up on working and went to the gym to work out, instead. Kate stayed at her desk, but Tony came with him, changing into sweats without a glance in his direction. Gibbs didn't want to know how he managed that.

Tony moved to take the boxing gloves, but Gibbs shook his head. "Straight hand-to-hand," he said, ducking into the ring.

"Right." Tony followed him, rolling his head around on his neck. "Try not to break me, Boss. I like my body as it is."

Gibbs bit back the instinctive response, waiting for Tony to realize what he'd said. And after a moment, Tony flushed. "I mean--that--" He groaned. "That didn't come out right."

"Don't worry about it." Gibbs smiled slowly. "Worry about defending yourself, instead."

Tony had been practicing since the last time they'd sparred; he was faster, more aware of his left side. More than once, Gibbs tried to get a blow in and was blocked. And Tony wasn't holding back, either.

If he'd fought like this last night--no. Gibbs blocked that thought and focused on Tony.

The end came as a lucky break. Gibbs managed to grab Tony and flip him, pinning him down before Tony could recover. He had one knee resting gently over Tony's solar plexus and his hands on Tony's shoulders.Tony looked up at him, a little dazed, a lot sweaty, and Gibbs bit back the flare of lust that slammed into him.

He moved back hastily, before he started something they wouldn't be able to finish. From the look in Tony's eyes, he had the same combination of regret and arousal Gibbs did. It took a few long moments before Tony managed to sit up; when he did, he looked down at his hands, swallowing hard. "How long until five?" he asked hoarsely.

Too long. Gibbs pushed himself to his feet. "C'mon, DiNozzo," he said gruffly. "Let's get back to work."

Showering was pure torture. Listening to the hiss of the water, imagining it streaming over Tony's body, slick with soap...Gibbs gritted his teeth and turned the water to cold.

Kate had an icepack on her jaw when they came back into the office. "I neeh a roo anal," she said, trying to enunciate clearly.

"Dentist called back?" Gibbs asked, shooting Tony a look before he could say anything.

She nodded miserably. "Oomorroh."

Gibbs sighed. "Go home, Kate," he said. "Take some painkillers or something. You need someone to drive?"

"No. I'll be oh-ay," she said, getting up with a wince. "Thans."

He nodded and watched her walk out the door.

With Kate gone to nurse her toothache and McGee somewhere in the depths of car repair hell, the air in the office felt heavy, thick with the pressure of words neither he nor Tony wanted to say. The clock ticked over to four-sixteen, then four-seventeen, and abruptly he gave up on it. "Let's go," he said, standing up. "This is ridiculous."

Tony stared at him. "But--Boss--"

"We're not going to get anything done here and I want to drive by that crime scene again." He looked at Tony steadily, wondering if Tony would get the message.

"I left my Dramamine at home," Tony grumbled, grabbing his bag and his jacket.

In the garage, Tony made one abortive move toward his car before Gibbs took his arm, just above the elbow. "I'm driving," he said.

"Won't it look odd if I leave my car here overnight?"

He had a point. Gibbs sighed and let him go. "My place," he said. "Follow me home."

Tony smiled wryly. "I'll do my best."

The drive home seemed to take longer than usual, although by the clock he actually made it there in less time than he normally did. Tony pulled up behind him and got out, the door closing with a soft thud.

Tony was quiet as they went inside. He hung up his jacket, dropped his bag by the door. Gibbs waited, knowing he had something on his mind.

"Why?" Tony asked finally. "Why look for me, why catch me in the alley, why--" He shook his head. "I don't understand, Gibbs. I don't...why?"

"You were looking for a substitute because you didn't think you could have me," Gibbs said quietly. "I wasn't willing to settle."

"When did you know?" Tony asked. He looked down at his shoes.

Gibbs sighed. "I need a beer. C'mon."

In the kitchen, Gibbs got out two cold bottles, popping off the caps and handing one to Tony. He leaned against the counter and took a long swallow; Tony did the same, although he slouched against the doorframe.

"I knew you wanted me about six months after you started working for me," Gibbs admitted. He sighed and took another swig of beer.

Tony swallowed. "When did you know you wanted me?"

This was the difficult part--admitting it. "About six months before that."

"But why--" Tony shook his head. Gibbs was amused to see the wry grin on his face. "Never mind. The whole supervisor and subordinate thing, right?"

Gibbs nodded. "And I don't make it a practice to sleep with my agents."

"Can't imagine why." Tony's grin flashed again. "But--what changed this time, Gibbs? Why now?"

"I got tired of watching you find one substitute after another. Do you have any idea how dangerous that is, Tony? What you were doing--" Gibbs bit back the words, taking a deep breath. "You were going to get yourself into trouble you couldn't get out of, one of these days. And I wasn't--" He looked down at his beer. "I couldn't watch it anymore, Tony. Not when I knew what you wanted."

"Not when you wanted it too," Tony said softly.


Gibbs set his beer bottle down on the counter. Tony was quiet for a long moment, and Gibbs found he couldn't look at him. He wasn't sure what he'd see if he did.

And then Tony laughed. "Christ, Gibbs...this is so fucked up it's beyond belief." He crossed the kitchen in two long strides and set his beer bottle down next to Gibbs'. "It's...I have no words to describe how fucked up this is."

"Yeah." Gibbs smiled a little. "Yeah, and if you want to forget it ever--"

Tony kissed him, ending that sentence rather abruptly. He tasted like beer and his hands were warm on Gibbs' face and Gibbs had to grab the counter in surprise. "You told me this morning it was too late," Tony said huskily, his thumb stroking over Gibbs' cheekbone. "We've already done it. We can't undo it."

"No." Gibbs reached up and wrapped his fingers around Tony's wrist. "We can't."

"God." Tony turned his head, nuzzling Gibbs' fingers. "You don't know how many clubs I went to, how many..." He closed his eyes. "When you found me, in the alley...I thought it was you. Maybe. And...by the end, I pretended it was."

He didn't have the words for this. He'd never been good at talking. So he pulled Tony a little closer and kissed him again, slow and deep, the way he'd wanted to since he'd seen Tony's arrogant grin for the first time, back in Baltimore. This time it was Tony who groaned, Tony who melted against him, yielding to him hungrily.

"Talk later," Tony said against his mouth. "Bed now."

Yeah. Good idea. Gibbs pushed Tony away gently so he could move, leading him upstairs and into the bedroom. Tony shut the door behind them automatically, which made Gibbs smile. "No one else is here," he pointed out.

"Habit." Tony grinned, looking around. "Just like you making the bed every morning."

"Yesterday morning," Gibbs admitted, stepping out of his shoes. "I didn't go back to sleep last night."

He wasn't surprised to hear Tony's laugh. "Glad to know I wasn't the only one." He rubbed a hand over the back of his neck, almost like a nervous habit. "I think I spent the rest of that admittedly short night pacing my living room." Tony grinned. "Then again, I bet you spent it working on the boat."

"I had some adrenaline to get rid of." Gibbs shrugged, walking over to Tony. He ran his hands up Tony's arms, into his hair, pulling him in close for a kiss. "Working's as good a way as any."

"I can think of better ways," Tony murmured.

"Where do you think it came from, pretty boy?" Gibbs nipped his throat sharply. "Seeing you against the alley wall like that, those tight jeans and that faded T-shirt, the way you all but begged me for it...you said my name when you came, didn't you?"

Tony swallowed. "Not--I didn't say anything!"

"Not out loud, no." Gibbs met Tony's eyes. "But you thought it."

"We've already established I want you. Wanted you. Whatever." Tony made a sharp gesture. "So what?"

Gibbs leaned in and licked a line up Tony's throat before biting his jaw. "Pretty boy," he murmured against the skin. "Mine, now."

Against him, he felt Tony's shudder. "Don't--don't call me that," Tony whispered.

"Which part?" Gibbs curled his hand around the back of Tony's neck.

Tony's eyes flashed. "You know damn well."

"You mean to tell me that's not what you're going for in those clothes you wore? That you didn't know exactly what you looked like in that club?" Gibbs tightened his hand briefly. "What did those men call you, Tony?"

"They don't matter. They weren't what I wanted." Color rose in his face, but Tony didn't look away. "I'm not some timid boy you can order around, Gibbs. I played the part then. I'm not playing it now."

Gibbs smiled. "Good." He slid his hand into Tony's hair and pulled him down for a hard kiss. "I don't want you to play a part," he said huskily. "I want you."

Tony's flush deepened. "You--you've got me."

"I know." Gibbs began unbuttoning Tony's shirt. "And I'm keeping you."

"Oh." Tony swallowed, looking down at Gibbs' hands like they were foreign objects. "Okay."

The crisp cotton of Tony's shirt slithered off him easily; Gibbs tugged it out of his pants and tossed it aside, unfastening Tony's belt next. Tony was already half-hard; he hissed a little when Gibbs' knuckles brushed over his erection. "This--doesn't seem quite fair," he said a little shakily, stepping out of his pants. "I'm--and you're--"

Gibbs smiled. "Something you want, Tony?"

"Yeah." Tony unbuckled Gibbs' belt and pulled it off, the leather whispering against the fabric. He looked down at it for a long moment before setting it aside. Carefully.

Interesting. Gibbs wondered just what Tony had been up to in those back rooms.

But that was a thought for another night.

Tony ran his hands up under Gibbs' shirt, nails scratching lightly over skin. He pushed the shirt off; Gibbs tossed it after Tony's before drawing him down on the bed, biting his jaw. He pinned Tony's wrists above his head, and to his surprise Tony gasped and flexed his wrists but didn't try to get free. When he tightened his hold, Tony groaned.

"You like this?" Gibbs murmured, nipping Tony's throat where it met his shoulder. "Giving up control like this?"

"With you," Tony whispered.

Gibbs kissed him deeply, keeping one hand on Tony's wrists and using the other to unfasten his own pants and shove them down. It was awkward to get them off, but he managed, kicking them to one side. "Mine," he said huskily. "Understand?"

Tony groaned, deep in his throat. "Yes," he breathed. "Yes."

He hadn't had a chance to explore Tony's body last night, to learn his reactions. He took his time now, letting his fingers wander over Tony's skin, tracing patterns and abstract symbols. Tony shuddered under his touch; he twisted when Gibbs stroked over his ribs, gasping a little. "Too much," he said breathlessly.

"Sensitive?" Gibbs asked.

Tony nodded, blushing a little. "Ticklish," he muttered.

Good to know. Gibbs kissed his collarbone, nuzzling the skin. Tony tasted clean, with a hint of--"Peppermint?" Gibbs asked in surprise.

To his surprise, Tony blushed. "My soap," he admitted.

"Didn't figure you for the peppermint type," Gibbs said in amusement. He slid his hands down Tony's chest, watching the muscles flex under his fingers. "It's not exactly part of the Versace line."

"Everyone's got secrets." Tony propped himself up on his elbows. "I'd think you would know that."

"Mine are a little different than peppermint soap," Gibbs said quietly.

"I know." Tony leaned forward and kissed him, just a light brush of lips against his own. "And I know you can't share some of them."

"Not now. Not yet." Gibbs knelt up, stroking his fingers down Tony's cheek. Tony turned his head to kiss Gibbs' fingers, nipping one playfully. Gibbs laughed and pulled Tony closer for another kiss.

When he pressed Tony back against the bed again, Tony went willingly, arms and legs wrapped around him, holding him close. "I want--" Tony shuddered and twisted against him, head falling back when Gibbs bit his throat. "I want--"

"What?" Gibbs rocked his hips against Tony's, the motion enough to make their cocks slide against each other. Tony groaned and arched up under him.

"Fuck me," Tony whispered. "Face to face."

"You're okay?" Gibbs asked huskily.

Tony nodded. "Yeah."

Gibbs kissed his inner thigh. He bit down hard enough to leave a mark, smiling inwardly at Tony's moan. Again, the mark overlapping with the first, and Tony gasped and writhed. "Gibbs--please--"

"Too much?" Gibbs traced the imprints with his tongue.

"No--God, no. But if you do that much more I won't last." Tony took a deep breath; Gibbs felt him exhale in an attempt to regain some control. "And I want you to fuck me."

He smiled slowly. "Oh, I will," he promised softly. "I will." He pushed himself up and reached over Tony to the nightstand, taking out the little bottle. "Do you want me to use--"

"Did you use one last night?" Tony interrupted him.

Gibbs raised an eyebrow. "Do you think I did?"

Tony rolled his eyes. "If you didn't then, there's kind of no point now. I'm clean. I get the bloodwork done every six months like the rest of us."

"I'm clean too," Gibbs said quietly.

"Kinda figured. So no, I don't care." Tony stretched out on the bed, hands over his head. He wrapped them around the slats in the headboard, arching his back a little. He was posing, showing off, and both he and Gibbs knew it.

Gibbs wrapped his hand around Tony's cock. It was hot and hard and heavy in his hand; Tony groaned, thrusting up a little into his hold. The head was wet with pre-come and when Gibbs ran his thumb over it Tony moaned. "Don't move," Gibbs told him.

He brushed his thumb over Tony's lips, watching Tony take it into his mouth, tasting his own fluid. He swirled his tongue around Gibbs' thumb before biting down gently. Gibbs watched Tony, the flush in his cheeks, the faint sheen of sweat on his body, and wondered which of them was more turned on by this.

With a soft pop, he pulled his thumb out of Tony's mouth, tracing a line down his chest. Tony's eyes fluttered closed and he made a quiet sound, almost like a purr. He spread his legs more, licking his lips almost absently. "Gibbs," he whispered. "Gibbs..."

"Yeah." Gibbs kissed Tony's stomach before picking up the lube. "I know."

Tony groaned when Gibbs slid one finger into him. "Fuck," he muttered. "Oh, fuck."

"You okay?" Gibbs froze in place.

"Y-yeah. Just a little sore. S'okay--don't stop. Don't stop." Tony sounded breathless, but his cock hadn't softened, and when Gibbs twisted his finger Tony moaned in pleasure.

Still, he took his time. He'd been rough last night; he wanted to make up for it now. So he stretched Tony carefully, patiently, until Tony growled at him. "Enough already," he demanded. "Just fuck me."

He didn't need Tony to tell him twice--although the growl was incredibly erotic. Gibbs kept the smile to himself and slicked his cock, swallowing hard at the feel of his own hand. He pushed Tony's legs back, lifting them over his shoulders. "Mine," he said in a low voice, right as he entered Tony.

Tony gasped and arched under him, his hands clenching so tightly around the headboard that his knuckles were white. "Oh--fuck--oh--"

Gibbs groaned and fought to breathe.

Last night had been rough, raw, about domination as much as anything else. This...this was about them. The two of them, moving together, panting, sweating, bodies sliding over each other in a rhythm they found instinctively. Push, pull, thrust and withdraw, skin slapping skin, just heat and sweat and lust, over and over and more.

It flooded over him, drenched him with need. "Tony," he whispered, driving harder into Tony's willing body, his breath coming harsh in his throat. "Tony..."

Tony moaned and twisted under him. "I--oh God, I--" He whined, panting for breath. "Oh God--oh--Gibbs--please, I--"

"Do it," Gibbs breathed, licking sweat off his upper lip. "C'mon, Tony..."

He didn't know if Tony heard him but it didn't matter; Tony cried out sharply and came, shuddering. "Gibbs," he whispered.

Gibbs kissed him, hard, burying his groan in Tony's mouth as he came. "Tony," he murmured when the spots had faded from his eyes.

Slowly, Tony let go of the headboard, bringing one hand up to smooth back Gibbs' hair before draping it over the back of Gibbs' neck. "I think my legs are going to fall off," he said with a faint smile.

Gibbs turned his head and kissed Tony's wrist. "Yeah." He eased Tony's legs off his shoulders and down to the bed carefully.

"Mmm. Thank you." Tony didn't seem inclined to move otherwise, but Gibbs' arms were beginning to protest the strain. He pulled out of Tony's body as gently as he could to lie down next to him, not missing Tony's wince as he did so.

"You okay?" he asked softly.

"I'll feel this for a few days." Tony turned his head and flashed Gibbs a grin. "Not a bad thing."

"No more back rooms," Gibbs said quietly, running his fingers through Tony's hair. "You understand me?"

"Yeah." Tony leaned into his touch, closing his eyes in pleasure. "Yeah, I understand."

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