Gibbs wakes up first. This isn't much of a surprise; he's always been an early riser, even after a night of admittedly amazing sex.

No, the surprise is that Tony's still there, sleeping peacefully. He's shifted in his sleep so that he's lying on his stomach, one arm thrown over Gibbs. His mouth is partially open, there's the faintest hint of stubble on his cheeks, and he looks completely and utterly debauched.

It's an effort, even for someone with Gibbs' control, to keep from pinning him to the mattress and repeating the events of last night.

He's still not sure how he lost control like that, how a simple invite of a cup of coffee turned into...what it did. Then again, he's not sure why he invited Tony in for a cup of coffee.

But he did. And somewhere between making coffee and the first sip he saw a look in Tony's eyes.

Desire. Aimed at *him*.

He could have ignored it. He *should* have ignored it. Should have just let them drink their coffee and sent Tony on his way, pretending he didn't see it, didn't *know*.

But...something happened, and Gibbs doesn't know what or why or how. He just knows that one moment they were in the kitchen drinking coffee and the next he had Tony up against the counter and was kissing him like Tony's mouth was the only oxygen left in the room.

He's not sure what he'd expected Tony to do. Knee him in the balls, maybe. Punch him. Despite the look he'd seen--well, there's a difference between wanting and actually *acting* on what you want. He's known that for far too long.

Whatever he'd expected, it hadn't been Tony's groan, the way his hands tangled in Gibbs' hair, pulling him closer, the way he'd widened his stance so Gibbs could fit between his legs, pelvis to pelvis. It hadn't been the way they'd stumbled upstairs, practically mauling each other, until they were in the bedroom and he could pin Tony up against the wall.

After that...God.

Gibbs sighs, remembering. Last night wasn't enough. He's not sure if anything will be, not now. Not after he's felt Tony, hot and tight and velvet around him, watched Tony's face flush and heard him cry out as he came.

He's in trouble and he knows it, but he can't seem to summon up the energy to care.

Next to him, Tony murmurs something incoherent and rolls over, wrapping Gibbs up in a warm embrace. He presses a soft kiss to the back of Gibbs' neck and Gibbs has to wonder if he's even awake.

He gets the answer to that one soon enough. Tony shifts a little--and then freezes, almost like he's expecting Gibbs to kick him out of bed.

"You were much nicer to wake up to when you weren't imitating a marble statue," Gibbs says dryly. "Contrary to what you might think, I'm not in the habit of kicking people out of bed first thing in the morning."

"Second thing, then?" Tony's humor sounds a bit forced, but he's relaxed a bit. And he hasn't let go.

"Tony, if I was going to kick you out I would have done it last night. I didn't, therefore I won't." Gibbs turns over, looking at him. "What did you think? That I was going to use you to get my rocks off and kick you to the curb?"

Tony shrugs, but Gibbs sees the faint fear in his eyes. "C'mon, Boss. You barely tolerate me at work," he says with a hint of self-deprecation. "Let"

"I give you a hard time," Gibbs corrects him. "Doesn't mean I don't want you around."

"So...last night wasn't a once-off?" Tony asks uncertainly.

"Last night shouldn't have happened," Gibbs says, countering his words by running his fingers through Tony's soft, thick hair. "But it did, and I won't lie to you and tell you I wish it hadn't. It just makes things... complicated."

"Yeah. I know." Tony sighs. "I'll understand if you--if you want me to leave."

"I don't." That was easier to say than he'd expected, which surprises him. "We're just going to have to tread very carefully."

Tony nods. "Okay."

He brushes his fingers down Tony's cheek, over the faint roughness of his morning stubble, over the clean line of his throat. "We can make this work, Tony." He can't quite bring himself to ask if that's what Tony wants.

He doesn't have to. Tony gives him a soft, almost shy smile. "Okay," he says again, nuzzling Gibbs' palm. "But next time? You're the one getting pinned to the bed."

And there's nothing Gibbs can do to that but roll him over and kiss him senseless.
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