In the end, it didn't really matter who had started it.

He'd never intended for it to happen. Never thought--but as with so much else, it was the lack of thinking that had gotten him into this.

Yeah, he'd wanted Gibbs for a long time.

Honestly, though, who wouldn't? The man was gorgeous, intelligent as hell, and...okay, there was that intimidation factor, but Tony had always had a thing for strong-willed people, women or men.

No one knew about that part of him. He knew the rules. He was a cop--and now a federal agent. So he played up the ladies' man part of his life and squashed the other side down as far as he could. When it got too overwhelming he went out and could generally lose himself in a night of dancing and watered-down drinks and a one-night stand in someone's hotel room. The last didn't happen that often--not for lack of opportunity, but for lack of interest. It was just too dangerous.

But he'd never thought anything would happen with Gibbs. The man was his *boss*, for one. And for another...well, he'd been married three times. No evidence to support he was anything but purely Marine-ramrod-in-the-spine-straight. And even if it hadn't been for the first two, Tony was pretty sure Gibbs didn't sleep with people he didn't respect.

Bitter thought, but sometimes he wondered just how true it was.

Of course, *none* of that explained why he was currently pushed up against the wall of said boss's bedroom, scrabbling at Gibbs' shoulders for something to hold on to while Gibbs made a four-course meal out of his throat and had one thigh pushed between his legs.

And frankly, Tony didn't care. He'd deal with the consequences later.

Somehow he hit the bed, Gibbs on top of him, their hands linked and pushed over Tony's head. Gibbs tore his mouth away from Tony's throat and kissed him, hard and hot and heavy. Tony groaned into the kiss and pulled his hands free, wanting to get rid of Gibbs' clothes--

--but Gibbs growled against his mouth and pinned his hands again. "Don't move," he whispered. "Just...don't." He bit Tony's jaw, soothing the small hurt with his tongue. "My control is only so good, Tony."

Tony looked up, seeing the dilated pupils and the faint flush of lust. He felt the faint tremor in Gibbs' hands where they covered his wrists. A thrill ran through him at the knowledge that *he* had done this and he arched up deliberately, pushing his groin against Gibbs'. "I don't care," he breathed. "You want me? Have me. Take me. Anything you want. Just do it."

He spread his legs, letting Gibbs settle between them, his weight pressing Tony down. This was insane, this was crazy, and Tony was beyond caring. If he was only going to have one night, which was likely, he was going to make the most of it.

"Anything I want?" Gibbs' eyes darkened further. "Be careful what you ask for, Tony."

Oh God, he was in so much trouble and it felt so good. "I don't care," he said again, voice low and husky. "You think you can handle me? Go on. Do it. Make me scream."

The grip on his wrists tightened almost painfully. "Oh, I will," Gibbs promised. "I will." His mouth came down hard on Tony's again, tongue pushing insistently inside, teasing and exploring. Tony gasped into the kiss and wrapped one leg around Gibbs' hips, trying to get more friction, more contact, anything.

He tried to break the hold Gibbs had on his wrists but only succeeded in earning another growl and a sharp nip to the side of his neck. "Anything *I* want," Gibbs reminded him.

"Shoulda known you'd be bossy in bed," Tony said with amusement.

Gibbs ground against his hips, hard enough to make him whimper. "You asked for it," he said darkly. He released Tony's hands, kneeling back. "Don't move," he said again, fingertips tracing a burning line down Tony's chest. "Don't you dare move."

Tony lost track of what was happening, overwhelmed by Gibbs' presence, his mouth, his *hands*--God, his hands were everywhere, touching him, stroking him, sliding off his clothes when he wasn't even paying attention. "Fuck--Gibbs--" he gasped, reaching for the man. This time Gibbs let Tony pull him down into a hard, deep kiss, cocks sliding and bumping against each other.

"That what you want, Tony?" Gibbs breathed, nuzzling at his throat. "You want me to fuck you? You want me inside you like that?"

In answer, he spread his legs, bending his knees so his feet were flat on the bed. "What do you think?" he challenged.

He had no idea where the lube had come from. He didn't care. Gibbs had one hand on his thigh and one slick finger working into him and it felt so good Tony nearly bit through his lip. "Impatient, aren't you," Gibbs murmured, twisting his finger.

"Just shut up and fuck me." Tony meant it to come out a little more strongly than it did--the way he sounded, it was more of a plea.

"Getting there." Gibbs' voice darkened. "But I won't hurt you."

"I don't care." Tony whimpered at the feel of a second callused finger pushing into him.

"I do." Gibbs' free hand stroked over his stomach. "Can't do this again for a while if I hurt you."

Tony froze at that, staring at him. "What?" he managed.

"You thought this was a once-off?" Gibbs retorted.

"I--well--" Tony's head fell back as Gibbs' fingers brushed over his prostate. "Boss, I can't *think* when you do that!"

"Good. Don't think."

That was easy enough--he closed his eyes, falling into sensation. Two slippery fingers inside him, a gentle hand roaming over his stomach and his chest, the sound of his own ragged breathing and the occasional hitch in Gibbs', and he was so close to coming just from this alone he nearly sobbed when the fingers pulled out of him.

He heard the rip of a condom wrapper and his hands fisted in the sheets in anticipation. His legs were lifted, hooked over Gibbs' shoulders--and then Gibbs pushed into him, slow and sure, filling him and stretching him almost beyond what he thought he could take. "God," he gasped, fighting to relax.

Gibbs stopped, half in and half out of his body, waiting with excruciating patience until Tony could relax just enough for him to slide in the rest of the way. "Tight as a virgin," Gibbs muttered, bracing himself over Tony.

"I'm not," Tony managed with a shaky laugh. "Just...been a while."

But Gibbs didn't move. Tony opened his eyes to see the man over him, jaw clenched. "Um--" he began.

"If I move now, it's going to be over in ten seconds," Gibbs said through gritted teeth. "Do you have any idea how fucking hot you are?"

Tony's whole body tightened at those words and Gibbs groaned. "Fuck," he breathed, beginning to move.

"C'mon, c'mon..." Tony's hands dug deeper into the sheets. "I don't--" He groaned, his head falling to one side. "I don't need your control and I don't need you to be gentle," he ground out. "I need you to fuck me. Hard. Now."

And then neither one of them had breath to speak, because Gibbs had given in to Tony's words and his own body's demands and Tony could only hang on for dear life. He heard himself whimpering and moaning, heard the slap of Gibbs' balls against his ass. Sweat ran down his face and dampened his hair but his mouth was dry as sand. One hand released its grip on the sheets and he flung his arm over his face, reaching up with his other hand for Gibbs' arm.

His body was tightening, white-hot pleasure coiling in his belly, but right before he could come Gibbs cried out harshly and froze inside him. Tony almost wept in frustration, his whole body thrumming.

Gibbs pulled out of him in one smooth move and slid down, his mouth wrapping around Tony's cock, hot and wet and sucking him down. He was so close it took seconds before he arched and came down Gibbs' throat.

Slowly, his heart stopped racing. He felt sore and stretched and his whole body was purring with pleasure. When he cracked his eyes open he saw Gibbs throwing out the condom before half-collapsing next to him on the bed.

Neither one of them spoke.

After some amount of time--minutes? hours? Tony had no idea--Gibbs raised his head and looked over at him. "Get under the covers," he said, his voice rough. "Room gets cold at night."

Apparently, he was spending the night. Tony crawled under the covers, automatically curling up around Gibbs. To his surprise--and pleasure--Gibbs just sighed a little and linked their fingers together.

He expected to stay awake longer. But great sex had short-circuited his brain and he gave up the battle, sleep pulling him under as inorexably as the warmth of Gibbs next to him.

His last thought was a prayer that they wouldn't get a case before six in the morning.
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