Another day. Another case. Another cubic ton of paperwork. Gibbs sighed and signed off on the last report, leaning back in his chair and dropping his pen on his desk. So much for that. Now he just had to get home--and figure out what was going on with Tony that night.

A wry smile twisted his lips as he grabbed his jacket and headed for the car. Figuring out what was going on with Tony was pretty much impossible. Challenging, frustrating, erotic as hell, dizzying...all that, yes. Logical, rational, something he could

He drove home on auto-pilot, wondering where Tony was. He and Kate had left about an hour before Gibbs, thanks to an annoyingly timed meeting with the director Gibbs hadn't been able to get out of. The meeting itself hadn't been that bad, but it meant he'd had to stay late to finish up the endless reports.

The sight of Tony's car outside his house made something unclench inside his stomach and he shook his head wryly. God, he was in so deep he couldn't see the surface *or* the bottom. But the terrifying part was that he didn't care.

A little to his surprise, the house was quiet when he stepped inside. "Tony?" he called, but there was no response.

He headed upstairs, figuring Tony was probably dozing. The bedroom door was ajar and he pushed it open, breath catching in his throat at the sight.

Tony was sprawled out on the bed, sound asleep. One arm was tucked behind his head; the other hand rested right over his groin, not hiding his cock, which lay quiescent against his thigh. His hair was wet and Gibbs saw a damp towel hanging over the shower rod in the bathroom when he glanced over.

He was moving almost before he realized it, quietly stripping off his own clothes and slipping into bed next to Tony, reaching out for warm, shower-damp skin, hands sliding over the smooth clean lines of Tony's body. Tony sighed and cuddled into him automatically, his body pliant and supple under Gibbs' callused touch.

He pressed his lips to Tony's throat, kissing the hollow behind his ear, his jaw, tasting the faint herbal tang of Tony's soap and the fresh lemon scent of his shampoo. Tony murmured in pleasure and his head fell back against the thick comforter.

Gibbs smiled and traced a line down his throat with one gentle finger, letting it rest in the hollow of his collarbone before shifting so Tony lay under him, limbs lax in sleep. He leaned forward and brushed a soft kiss over Tony's lips. "Beautiful," he whispered, stroking the backs of his fingers over Tony's cheek.

"Does that make you Prince Charming?" Tony murmured without opening his eyes. "Oh wait, I'm not awake yet." He stretched lazily, settling deeper into the bed. "Kiss isn't gonna do it."

"What is?" Gibbs asked softly, letting his fingertips wander over Tony's chest and arms, tracing delicate patterns.

Tony smiled and stretched his arms out to the sides, palms up. "Make love to me, Jethro. Just...make love to me."

He leaned down to kiss Tony again, mouth gentle against Tony's own. "Why are you sleeping in my bed?" he asked, brushing kisses over Tony's cheekbones, his eyelids, the corners of his mouth.

"This is Sleeping Beauty, not Goldilocks." Tony grinned. "Get your fairy tales right, Gibbs."

"But a kiss woke the princess." Gibbs couldn't help the smile; it was all too rare to have Tony like this, warm and pliant and playful in his bed. Tony generally preferred to be the aggressor, and while Gibbs didn't mind--a litle to his surprise--it was an intoxicating, heady experience to have him just lie back and let Gibbs have his way with him.

"The princess was also sixteen and a virgin. I'm neither and a little more picky in who I let wake me up." Tony's mouth twitched with laughter. "So are you going to make love to me or am I going to turn into Rip Van Winkle?"

"You still never answered my question." Gibbs nuzzled Tony's jaw, licking and nibbling his way down Tony's throat.

"You're right, I didn't." Tony made a small sound of pleasure and turned his head to the side. "Must be why you're such a good investigator. You know these things."

Apparently, Tony wasn't going to tell him. That was all right; it wasn't like it really mattered.

He brushed his thumbs over Tony's nipples, watching as Tony's breath caught and his head fell back. He looked completely, utterly wanton--sprawled out on top of the thick comforter, eyes shut, mouth half-open in pleasure. The need to *have* him, to taste him and touch him and sheathe himself in Tony's body, was overwhelming. Gibbs did the only thing he could. He gave into it.

He kept his touch gentle, as much to not break the dream-like spell as to hold himself back. It would be too easy to press Tony into the mattress, to spread him open and slide into him and just *take*. But he didn't want that, not this time.

His hands skated over Tony's skin, fingers brushing over sensitive spots with just enough pressure not to tickle him. Tony made a low sound, deep in his throat, shivering as Gibbs' hands slid down his ribs, over the flat planes of his stomach, coaxing his thighs apart. His cock lay heavy and full on his stomach and it took most of Gibbs' self-control not to swallow him down.

Instead, he bent his head to Tony's neck, breathing in the clean scent of his skin before tasting it, licking a line up the side of his throat, biting down gently over his pulse. He crawled down Tony's body, hands moving under him to lift him up, arching his back to make it easier for Gibbs to tease his nipples, sucking and biting lightly until Tony moaned and his hand clenched in the comforter.

Lower now, and his hands cupped Tony's ass, squeezing and caressing, his mouth hungry for the bittersweet taste of pre-come and the hot silk-steel feel of Tony's cock in his mouth. Tony made a deep, needy sound when Gibbs mouthed his cock, hips lifting instinctively. Gibbs pressed him down gently, hands rubbing over his thighs to soothe him. Tony whimpered again, head tossing impatiently.

He knelt up, reaching past Tony for the drawer in the nightstand where he kept the lube. Tony bent his legs automatically, feet flat on the bed. Gibbs kissed the inside of his thigh before slicking up a finger.

He teased the opening to Tony's body, pressing against it, circling it with his finger, slipping inside a little at a time. Tony moaned, trying to push back into it, but Gibbs' free hand rested on his stomach, a warning to stay still. "Don't move," he whispered, the first words he'd spoken in a while.

Two fingers now and he took as much care as he had with the first, stretching Tony open slowly, patiently, watching him bite his lip, the flush spreading down his face as he fought not to move.

Gibbs didn't bother with three--Tony was ready for him and his self-control was only so good. As it was, he had to wrap his fist around his cock, pressing down hard at the base until the need to come ebbed and he could slick his erection, bracing himself as he pushed inside Tony's body.

God. Tight, velvet heat wrapped around him, strong legs lifting to circle his hips, and the look of need and pleasure and *want* on Tony's face--Gibbs bit back his groan, eyes falling shut as he fought to keep from just pounding into him.

He had no idea how he managed to keep the rhythm slow and easy, letting it build in both of them, taking his time. In and out, push and pull, Tony gasping softly under him, the groans and pants he couldn't hold back, Tony's cock hard between their bodies and his arms flung out to the sides.

He leaned down, bracing himself on one arm and wrapping his other hand around Tony's cock, working him in rhythm with his thrusts, feeling Tony tense and tremble and shudder, hands scrabbling at the covers, whining in desperation, right before he gasped and came, arching up for one long, perfect moment.

That was all it took. Gibbs groaned and thrust into him one last time, the feel of Tony convulsing around him enough to send him over the edge. He stayed where he was, panting, until he could keep himself from collapsing on top of Tony as he pulled out and dropped down next to him.

Tony turned onto his side, opening his eyes for the first time. He smiled softly and leaned over to kiss Gibbs. "Now that's a great way to wake up," he said, snuggling close.

"I don't know." Gibbs wrapped an arm around him, kissed his forehead. "I'm about ready to sleep."

Tony laughed and ran his fingers through Gibbs' hair. "C'mon, Prince Charming. Dinner is calling my name."

"What's it saying?"

"It's saying we should order in. Thai, I think. Or Chinese." Tony stifled a yawn and slid down to rest his head on Gibbs' shoulder. "Once we can move."

"That may be a while." Gibbs rubbed Tony's back, content to just lie there for the time being.

"I don't mind." Tony looked up at him. "Do you mind that I came here? I mean--"

Gibbs put a finger over Tony's mouth. "No," he said simply. "It was...nice to come home and see you."

Tony smiled, a little shyly. "I'll have to do it more often."

Gibbs just tightened his hold.
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