Alliteration yay! (Gibbs/DiNozzo)
And sometimes, it's all about the pretty. (Gibbs/Abby (gen))
Angst, with a side of schmoop. (Greg/Gris)
Assume the position (Gibbs/Tony)
Atta Boy (Gibbs POV)
Baby, you can drive my car (Gibbs/Tony, car)
But I Won't Do That (Gibbs/Tony)
Bleed Me White (Gibbs/Tony)
Boxers or Briefs? (Tony/Abby)
Bugs (Tony/Grissom)
Calisthenics (Gibbs/DiNozzo)
Can't Stop the Signal (Abby and Tony)
Christmas (Nick/Greg)
Crackverse fic! (Abby/Greg)
curtainfic! (Gibbs/Tony)
Domo Arigato (Tony/Abby)
Going Down? (Gibbs/Tony)
Going Down? v02 (Gibbs/someone)
High on Life? (Gibbs/DiNozzo)
I'll Have What He's Having (Tony in a gay club)
Is That Mistletoe? (Gibbs/Abby)
Is This Seat Taken? (Stephen/Joshua)
It Gets Cold in Space. (Firefly boyslash)
Looking In (Abby, Gibbs/Tony slash implied)
Merry (Gibbs/Tony)
Mmm. Chocolate. (Mal/Simon)
Oh God, Don't Stop (Tony/Abby)
Only Naomi and I Call Him That (Gibbs/Tony)
Role Reversal (Tony/Gibbs)
Say Cheese! (Gibbs/Abby)
Sex and Surprises (Gibbs/Tony)
Strawberries and Cream (Gibbs/Tony/Abby)
Sugar, Lemon, or Milk? (Ducky, Abby)
Sunrise, Sunset (Kaylee, gen)
Taken in the Rain (Gibbs/DiNozzo)
Watch (Gibbs/Tony)
Who Broke the a/c? (Gibbs)
Would You Like to Come Up For a Drink? (Gibbs/Tony)
You didn't ask, but I gave anyway (Gil/Greg)
You know, I remember a time... (Ducky)