Title: Pavlovian Response
Pavlovian Response
(NC-17 - Some things are innate.)
Behavioral Conditioning
(NC-17 - You get three.)
Involuntary Reaction
(NC-17 - That's my girl.)
Control Theory
(NC-17 - I don't want her to get hurt.)
Positive Reinforcement
(NC-17 - It shouldn't have been a surprise.)
Impulse Control
(R - So much for avoiding old memories.)
Post Traumatic
(NC-17 - He doesn't want to need them.)
Whipping Boy
(NC-17/ BDSM - This isn't a game.)
Sensory Therapy
(NC-17 - We've got plans for you.)
The Fourth Wall
(NC-17 - A play in one act.)
You Can't Hide
(PG - Hold on loosely.)