93 Degrees
(NC-17 - Four hours, thirteen minutes, and twenty-six seconds.
(NC-17 - A reminder of life.)
Bad Idea
(NC-17 - That's . . . not a good idea.)
(PG-13 - It's all the same with us.)
Dangerous Game
(NC-17 - It's about that point when nothing else matters.)
Down a Rabbit Hole
(PG-13 - Reality is what you make it.)
(PG-13 - Who are you?)
June 16
(PG - Memories and moments.)
Just a Kiss
(PG-13 - It wasn't anything like he'd expected.)
Keeping Watch
(G - What the hell am I going to do with you now?)
On the Outside
(PG-13 - You wonder sometimes how you got into this.)