Title: Now and Later
Author: rebecca
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Summary: That still didn't mean John wasn't going to get him for it later.
Notes: Written for the (Cuff ‘Em, Vamp ‘Em, or Just Make ‘Em Come Already) Kink and Cliché Multi-Fandom Challenge. If you read the fic and don't know what my prompt was, I did something very very wrong. Also, as if it wasn't obvious by the challenge, this does contain kink.

Rodney had been teasing him all day. That was the only word John had for it. Teasing. With the way he smirked, the 'oh, come on you moron' tone in his voice when John asked a question, the--okay. Maybe Rodney wasn't teasing so much as he was just being Rodney.

That still didn't mean John wasn't going to get him for it later.

He smiled to himself, thinking about later. When they were alone, when he could peel Rodney's attitude and arrogance away one layer at a time until Rodney was laid out on the bed, panting, writhing, all thoughts gone. Yeah. Later was going to be fun.

Unfortunately, he had to get through now to get to later and that was a pain in the ass, especially...

Wait. Pain in the ass. John's brain whirred and clicked and he nearly choked on his water, thinking about it. About white skin and pink marks, about Rodney squirming, about...John bit his lip hard and thought of Wraith hive ships and Kavanaugh until his hard-on faded and he could get up from the mess table without making a fool out of himself.

Now became later a little sooner than usual, but John didn't really care and it wasn't like anything dire was going on that needed either him or Rodney. He rapped on the wall at that thought, amused when a panel lit up next to it. "Not now," he muttered, and the panel went quiet, and John headed down the hall to Rodney's quarters.

Rodney opened the door when John knocked, looking like he'd been about to either change out of his clothes or head out the door to his lab; John wasn't sure which. "I didn't think--" was all he got out before John kissed him, long and deep and hard, one hand cupping the back of Rodney's head and the other arm around his waist.

"I like the idea of you not thinking for a while," John told him. "That okay?"

"Um. Well." Rodney licked his lips, eyes wide as he studied John's face. "I was going to go back to my lab," Rodney said, a little uncertainly. "There were some equations I--"

"Can it wait?" John asked.

"For a little while, but I really should--that is, I shouldn't--well, I suppose it can wait until tomorrow morning, but--" Rodney looked decidedly flustered, and he hadn't tried to pull away from John. Good.

"You are entitled to a little time to yourself, you know," John said, kissing Rodney's jaw, the corner of his mouth. "That's why you have other scientists."

"Yes, but none of them are me," Rodney said simply.

"Come on. Just a few hours." John kissed the spot just behind Rodney's jaw, pleased at the way Rodney's breath caught in his throat and he pressed tighter against John. "You said yourself it could wait until tomorrow morning."

"Yes, but..." Rodney wasn't really trying to protest anymore; it was a reflex rather than a thought-out response. He leaned into John, murmuring in pleasure when John ran his fingers down Rodney's spine. "I suppose...well, it won't hurt anything..."

"There, see?" John nuzzled Rodney's throat. "It's all good." He bit down gently, just over Rodney's pulse; Rodney groaned and let his head fall back.

"You're a bad..." Rodney swallowed, hands coming up to grasp John's shoulders. "Influence," he finished breathlessly, hands tightening. John grinned to himself and bit down again, a little harder. "Oh, God," Rodney groaned. "Don't--you'll--"

John licked the bite mark, blowing gently over it. "Relax," he said in a low voice. "It won't show." He tugged at Rodney's shirt, pushing it off; after a pause, Rodney got the hint and let it fall to the ground somewhere. John didn't care, so long as Rodney's T-shirt followed it and then John's, and then it was skin on skin, John pulling Rodney as close as he could get, kissing him hungrily, his hands running over Rodney's back, down to squeeze his ass, and Rodney gasped into John's mouth and ground against him, his hands tight on John's arms.

Time to experiment. John kissed Rodney again, hard, and as his tongue pushed into Rodney's mouth and Rodney moaned, John brought his hand down on Rodney's ass with a firm smack.

The results were everything he could have hoped for. Rodney made a strangled sound into the kiss, rubbing up against John; his hands tightened and he shuddered. "John," he said hoarsely.

"You like that?" John murmured, squeezing Rodney's ass hard. "That get you off, Rodney?"

"I--" Rodney dropped his forehead to John's shoulder. "Maybe," he mumbled.

John grinned and unfastened Rodney's pants and shoved them down, stripping him impatiently, letting Rodney get undressed while John dealt with his own clothes. The instant they were both naked, John dragged them over to the bed, pushing Rodney down, kneeling over him, kissing him hard. "You want that?" John asked huskily, pinning Rodney's wrists over his head. "You want my hand on your ass, Rodney? Turn your skin all hot, make you squirm and writhe under me?"

Rodney's face was red and he pulled against John's hold on his wrists. He bit his lip, looking away. "No," he said, and if he was telling the truth John was going to walk outside into Antarctica.

"You think I care?" John asked, stretching out on top of him, kissing him, biting his lower lip. "You think it doesn't turn me on, Rodney? The idea of having you over my lap? God."

"I..." Rodney swallowed. "I had a girlfriend once. In college. She..." He swallowed again. "Really?" he asked, as if John's words had just sunk in.

"God yeah," John told him. "When I see you like that for me, Rodney, all spread out and willing to take anything from me--do you know what kind of a turn-on you are? The idea of having you over my lap, under my hand--think I could make you come like that, Rodney? With you grinding against my lap every time my hand lands on your ass?" John kissed him again, teeth scraping against Rodney's lips, tongue demanding in Rodney's mouth. "Or would you come after, when I fucked you, your ass hot against my balls?"

"Christ," Rodney breathed. "God--John, do it, I want--" He swallowed. "Do it," he managed again.

John knelt up, releasing Rodney's wrists. "Say it," he said. "Say it, and I'll do it."

"You know what i want," Rodney said impatiently.

"Say it."

Rodney glared at him. "John..."

"Say it." John kissed him again, teasing him. "Tell me you want it."

"John..." It was pleading, almost, and John took pity on him.

Okay. Not tonight. Maybe another time. John nipped Rodney's lower lip and moved to sit against the headboard. "C'mere," he said, holding out a hand.

Rodney crawled next to him, kissing him, before John eased him down, stroking his back and his ass as Rodney got settled. Rodney was a little tense--no surprise--and John kept petting him until he relaxed, resting his head on his crossed arms.

Then he brought his hand down.

Rodney gasped and arched into it, his hands clenching involuntarily. "Ride it," John said, bringing his hand down again, and again, inwardly dancing with glee at the way Rodney twisted into the blows, writhing, making soft little cries every time John's hand landed on his ass. Rodney's cock was hot and hard against John's leg and he was panting for breath and John didn't think he'd ever been so turned on by something in his life. Over and over again and Rodney didn't say stop, didn't say no, just arched up to meet John's hand eagerly.

He stopped when Rodney's ass was red, the skin hot to the touch; John ran his fingertips over it and Rodney moaned, squirming. "Too much?" John asked, pausing.

"No." Rodney's voice was raspy; he swallowed, licking his lips. "No."

"Good." John stroked a hand up Rodney's spine, closing around the back of his neck and shaking gently. Rodney arched into it, his body going limp under John's hand. John shook his head mentally; Rodney was just full of surprises tonight. "Hands and knees," John said, picking up the lube and opening it. "I want to see your ass when I fuck you."

Rodney groaned but moved, settling himself on all fours, head hanging down. John kissed the small of his back before slicking his fingers and beginning to stretch Rodney open with a finger. "God," John muttered, working his finger into Rodney. "You're so fucking hot, Rodney. So hot and tight for me."

He got to two fingers before Rodney was pushing back on him for more and John lost what patience he'd had. He slicked his cock and positioned himself, holding Rodney's hips still as he pushed into Rodney, one slow inch at a time. Rodney half-sobbed under him, whimpering a little, and John ground his teeth and fought the urge not to slam into him all at once. He managed it--barely.

Slowly, he began to move, dropping his forehead to Rodney's back, listening to him pant and groan and gasp, feeling Rodney's body tight and hot around him, breathing in the scent of his sweat, of him. "God," he whispered, closing his eyes. "Oh, fuck, Rodney--"

"John..." Rodney's voice was desperate.

"Jerk yourself off," John said, struggling to breathe. "Come for me, Rodney, come on..."

"Oh, fuck, oh, John, God, I--I'm--oh--" Rodney was babbling, a string of words that made no sense, and he clenched around John's cock and cried out harshly and came, almost falling against the pillows. John groaned and braced himself over Rodney, driving into him harder, faster, panting, grunting as his body slapped against Rodney's, shorter and faster until he groaned and came, barely able to pull them onto their sides as he fell down.

Once the blood stopped roaring in his ears and he could breathe normally again, John pulled out of Rodney carefully and settled against him, kissing his shoulder. "That..." He blew out a breath. "You okay?"

"Mmm." Rodney sounded dreamy, completely out of it. "Mm-hmm."

That about summed it up for John too. He flung a hand at the wall, hitting the light panel more or less by accident, grateful when the room darkened. They could talk about this all later. Right now, Rodney was snuggled against him, all-but-purring, and John was not about to do anything to jeopardize that.

He closed his eyes, remembering the way Rodney had arched into John's hand on his neck, the way he'd pulled against John's hold on his wrists. The way he'd writhed against the spanking, so close to begging John had been able to taste it.

Not this time.


On that promise to himself, John fell asleep.

in case it wasn't obvious, the prompt I chose was spanking.
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